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FREE Professional Installation on all equipment plus full warranty.

We’re saving you money and the environment

by sticking to a strictly e-commerce model, we’re proudly offering a low carbon service, emissions free equipment with free installation and more by:

The Canada Green Building Council is a not-for-profit, national organization that has been working since 2002 to advance green building and sustainable community development practices in Canada.
We plant trees with @onetreeplanted! Every tree makes a positive impact for nature, wildlife, and people.
Less driving and more servicing your needs! We're eliminating the annual industry Sales Rep average of 45,000 km driven. This saves the environment 15 metric tons of carbon emissions per Rep and you the grief of another sales pitch.
300 oil furnaces removed this year and counting! That’s 2.5 metric tons or carbon emissions eliminated a year/per unit and one less eyesore of a unit in your home.
2,500 cold climate heat pumps installed and we’re not stopping there! Our cold climate heat pumps produce ZERO emissions. That’s conveniently the same number as our installation fee — $0.