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45 Sheppard Ave E, Unit 512
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
M3A 2A2

Invoice Number INV-1134
Invoice Date August 2, 2022
Total Due $18,848.62
Billing address
Tracy Williams
115 Edgewood Drive
Fredricton NB E3A 1T4
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1Napoleon NS18 Series Ducted Heat Pump - 36,000 BTU
SKU: NS18HV36A36
size-of-condenser: 36,000 BTU
Wiring run to electrical insert, including breaker. Wire Run From Panel To Disconnect Box For Outdoor Unit (Includes: Breaker/Fuse, Wire, Conduit, And Disconnect Box) Condensate Pump For When Proper Drainage Is Not Possible Without Pump Rough estimate included for relocation of Central HVAC Heating system, approx. 30ft Ductwork Building and Installation of ductwork. Materials, Removing and reinstalling trunk line is about 3 days. Free Humidifier Qualifies for NB Rebates $1500 and Greener homes Grants $5000 + Audit reimbursement:$6,830.03
HST (15%):$3,073.14
Payment method:Credit Card (Stripe)
Remaining Balance:$0.00