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Keeping Things Comfortable During a Hot Summer

Keeping Things Comfortable During a Hot Summer

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Many people who use air-conditioning complain how the air can become dry and uncomfortable. Air conditioning systems work based on drawing moisture from the air to create cooler air that circulates throughout your home. Even the best central air conditioning solutions can have an impact on the humidity levels within your home.

During heat waves, many of us run our air conditioning constantly. During this time, many people notice that their skin dries out, or that their eyes may become irritated. Many may become thirstier as a result. This is due to moisture, or humidity, being drawn out of the air.

But there is hope! You do not need to experience dry and uncomfortable conditions throughout summer whenever you have your central air turned on. For many homes that have central air conditioning, you have the option to add a humidifying unit directly into the ductwork. The humidifier unit is connected to a water source and provides constant and consistent moisture, or humidity, into the cooled air that comes from your air conditioner. This moisturized and cool air then moves throughout your home.

For people with asthma, dry air tends to be more comfortable. Keep this in mind if you find that the air in your home tends to be drier when running the air conditioning. If you suffer from asthma, you may not want to add any humidity because it could exasperate your symptoms. It is important to note that dry air can have a positive impact on health as well. It really comes down to what makes you and your family comfortable.

Generally speaking, for people who live in Ontario, the changes in our climate, including an increase in dryness, will take some getting used to. If you are interested in maintaining a healthy environment in your home while operating air conditioning during the summer, consider adding a humidifier to your HVAC system.

If you have any questions on what options are available or about your current air conditioner configuration, contact us or send us a DM. We are happy to help!

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