About Us

We are Canada’s largest, most transparent and trusted e-commerce platform where Homeowners can make the switch to Heat Pump based heating and cooling solutions.

In response to increasing prices of fossil fuels, new carbon taxes and interest in reducing their carbon footprint, millions of Canadians are  making the switch to clean and efficient Heat Pump systems for their home comfort needs. These smart Homeowners are significantly reducing their home energy costs in the process!

We are the leading Electrification Experts, educating Homeowners on how Heat Pump systems work compared to traditional less efficient systems.

1Click removes the complexity from switching to Heat Pump systems, streamlining the process and providing the most positive and fairly priced customer experiences every day

Our dedicated Electrification Program Experts patiently walk our customers through the steps of unlocking every government and utility grant and rebate. Most of our customers are astonished at how affordable it can be to upgrade after our process, often ending up with substantially reduced monthly bills even when financing the upgrades. Let us show you how to start creating a positive monthly return!

1Click was built on the five value pillars we stand by for all our customers:

  • Transparency
  • Education
  • Ease
  • Service
  • Quality Product

We believe in customer satisfaction above all else because we know, after decades in this business, that word of mouth is always the best form of advertising.  That’s why believe:

Honesty through transparency. We ensure our prices, offers and incentives are exactly as advertised to our customers. No hidden fees – installation is always included. We work with our customers on a bespoke basis to ensure that they receive Heating and Cooling solutions at a competitive price through affordable financing options, internal and utility incentives, and government grants. 

An educated consumer is the best type of customer.  An informed customer, properly educated on the comfort and efficiency benefits of our solutions becomes the most satisfied customer.  That means educating you about what’s out there – what to look for, and what to avoid. We are with you every step of the way, to help you make sound Heating and Cooling decisions for your home.

Easy, simple buying experience. We believe upgrading your homes Heating and Cooling systems shouldn’t be complicated and the buying process should be seamless and easy. Our customers unanimously agree and this is precisely why we have become the largest e-commerce-based platform in Canada for Heating and Cooling. 

Service is king.  We are good to our word; we deliver what we say we are going to deliver, when we say we’re going to deliver it.  It’s that simple. We stand by our commitment to service.

Quality product that lasts, service that supasses. We believe quality is job one. Therefore, the Heating and Cooling products we supply and install should be of the highest possible quality and efficiency, for reliability, durability, and long service life.  Coupled with that, our installation and service technicians are second to none – they are there to get the job done, done well, and at no additional cost. No matter the install. 

What You Get With 1Click Heating & Cooling

We’ve told you about the five value pillars that we stand by, for each and every one of our customers and homeowners. Over decades’ 0f experience and day-to-day interactions with our customers, we’ve learned a thing or two. We know what most homeowners want from a Heating and Cooling company:

  • Efficient, reliable, and quiet home comfort solutions.  You want to be comfortable year-round – that means toasty warm in winter; fresh and cool in the summer – and everything in between. You want quality.
  • Honesty and Professionalism.  You want to feel like you are valued as a customer.  You want a Heating and Cooling contractor who gives you the straight goods – an honest, competitive quote.
  • Putting you, the customer, first.  You’re looking for Heating and Cooling service that you can count on – responsive, fast, and reliable customer service for all of your home heating and cooling needs.
  • Heating and cooling peace of mind.  You want your heating and cooling system looked after, to avoid problems before they come up.


We know all this because our customers tell us what they want – and we listen.  Our business was built on satisfying our customers’ needs.  

Plus, we want you to enjoy your online experience with us.  That’s why we have adopted this innovative online platform for your home heating and cooling needs – to make your Heating and Cooling system shopping experience as simple and effective as it can possibly be.  This approach, coupled with our total commitment to quality – products and services – are what we know it takes to attract and keep a customer.

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