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Welcome to 1Click Heating & Cooling, where we specialize in delivering high-quality, efficient heat pumps that will make Ottawa’s harsh winters and hot summers a breeze. Our heat pumps are designed to provide you with comfort all year round, extracting warmth from the outdoor air to keep you cozy in the winter, and reversing the process to provide cooling during the summer.

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With a heat pump from 1Click Heating & Cooling, you can enjoy up to 50% savings on your energy bills, all while reducing your carbon footprint and contributing to a more sustainable future.

Why Heat Pumps?


Our advanced heat pumps have a COP of 2.5, delivering 2.5 units of heat for every unit of electricity used. They are up to 3X more efficient than traditional natural gas systems and could reduce your energy consumption by up to 60%


Switch to our eco-friendly heat pumps to make a positive impact on the environment. They can reduce carbon emissions by up to 50% compared to traditional heating solutions. Make a substantial step towards a cleaner, greener Canada by choosing our heat pumps.

Tosot air conditioners: Efficient cooling solutions for your comfort.


Heat pumps are both energy and cost efficient. Reduced energy usage equals long-term savings. As natural gas, propane and oil prices rise as predicted or even become phased out for residential applications, heat pumps become an increasingly worthwhile investment.


Gain access to low-interest loans for dynamic energy upgrades like insulation, windows, and advanced HVAC systems.  Our team will help make the switch to cleaner and more efficient heating seamless and affordable. Join the greener future of home heating now!

Types of Heat Pumps

Ductless Heat Pumps

image of a tosot pular heat pump condenser single zone and head

Ductless heat pumps, also known as mini-splits, are becoming the most sought-after choice for heating and cooling homes and businesses. In contrast to conventional HVAC systems, ductless heat pumps do not need a central duct system as they use individual air distribution units, mounted near the top of walls in the home, generally called “heads”. Ductless heat pumps are very resourceful and help to cut down your power bills. They are also more convenient to set up than usual HVAC systems.

Ducted Heat Pumps

Keeprite Ducted

Ducted heat pumps are a system of forced-air heating and cooling, which function like heaters and air conditioners, but consume significantly less power and are more resourceful. A ducted heat pump consists of two components: an outdoor unit and an indoor unit. The outdoor unit includes the compressor, condenser, and evaporator, while the inside unit has a fan and blower. Ducted heat pumps are best suited for larger homes or houses with existing ductwork.

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Why 1Click?

As the leading provider of heat pumps in Ottawa, 1Click Heating & Cooling is committed to delivering quality, efficiency, and comfort. Our professional team is always ready to help you understand your heating and cooling needs, and guide you in choosing the right heat pump for your home. Our goal is to make this process as simple and convenient for you as possible.

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image of an expert installing a heat pump outside condenser in Ottawa

Upgrade your home with 1Click Heating & Cooling, and start enjoying year-round comfort, significant energy savings, and the satisfaction of making a greener choice. Apply for a low-interest loan from the City of Ottawa today, and let us help you make your home a haven of comfort and sustainability.

Installation Always Included

Installation is always included with every purchase of an air conditioner, furnace, heat pump or water heater.

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Manage the comfort of your home from the comfort of your home. We make it easy with no in-person sales calls needed.

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Low-Interest Loan Program from the City of Ottawa

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At 1Click Heating & Cooling, we believe in making comfort and sustainability accessible to everyone. That’s why we’re excited to share that the City of Ottawa is offering a low-interest loan program to cover the cost of installing a heat pump in your home. Now, upgrading your home for better comfort and energy efficiency is easier and more affordable than ever.

The Better Homes Loan Program by Better Homes Ottawa is a rebate and incentive program for Ottawa homeowners. It offers low-interest loans to fund energy efficiency upgrades like insulation, windows, and HVAC systems. Homeowners need to undergo an energy assessment and hire an eligible contractor. Repayments are made through property tax bills, and the loan can be transferred if the property is sold. The program helps homeowners improve energy efficiency, reduce environmental impact, and save on energy costs.

The Better Homes Ottawa Program

Your Gateway to Affordable, Sustainable Living in a Comfortable and Energy-Efficient Home!

Unleash the power of green living with the Better Homes Loan Program by Better Homes Ottawa! Gain access to low-interest loans for dynamic energy upgrades like insulation, windows, and advanced HVAC systems. Easy repayment through your property tax bills and transferrable loans make energy efficiency more accessible than ever. Elevate your home, save on energy costs and shrink your environmental footprint today!





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