HVAC Maintenance Tips For Pet Owners

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Due to fur/dander and the tracking in of outdoor contaminants, your furry family members can have a serious impact on your indoor air quality and HVAC efficiency. Your pet’s fur can clog your air filters and air ducts causing poor air quality and posing a serious risk of equipment damage.

Want to keep your air quality optimal and avoid those unexpected maintenance bills? Here are our top 3 HVAC maintenance tips for pet owners:

  1. Keep your filter clean: When you have pets it’s smart to change your filter more frequently. Check on the cleanliness of your air filter every 30 days and change it out when needed.


  1. Keep your ducts clear: When airborne contaminants(such as pet dander) get stuck in the air ducts, they get stirred up and recirculated through the home every time the HVAC system is turned on. Inspect your air ducts for pet hair, dust, and debris and have them professionally cleaned once a year.


  1. Keep your pet well groomed: When your pet is clean and its fur is trimmed, your home and indoor air stays cleaner. Less shedding = less fur in the filter and ducts. 


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