The Closure of the Canada Greener Homes Grant: What You Need to Know

Canada Greener Homes ending

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Later Edit: As of February 12th, 2024, the Canada’s Greener Homes Grant has officially ended and will no longer be accepting new applications. Homeowners who have successfully concluded their online registration and possess an application number are urged to expeditiously move ahead with their retrofit initiatives, as they will remain eligible for funding and ongoing support through the Canada Greener Homes portal. For all your home electrification needs, contact us at +1 800-458-1289 or sa***@1c********.com for personalized assistance.

The Final Days of the Canada Greener Homes Grant

Just announced on February 5th 2024, the Canada Greener Homes Grant is coming to an end within the next two weeks, potentially sooner. This announcement is accompanied by the government’s proposed transition towards a new phase aimed at enhancing support for low-to-median income households.

This shift underscores a broader accessibility approach to energy-efficient home improvements, ensuring more Canadians can benefit from savings on energy bills while contributing to environmental sustainability. For detailed information on this transition and the upcoming support measures, please refer to the Government of Canada’s announcement here.

Last Chance for Greener Homes Grant Applications

While the current Greener Homes Grant program is nearing its end, there’s still a window of opportunity to submit applications. If you’re considering an electric heat pump for your home’s heating and cooling needs, now is the time to act and claim up to $5600 in government rebates, as well as access to interest free loans up to $40,000.

Contact 1Click Heating & Cooling at +1 800-458-1289 or via email at sa***@1c********.com for assistance in navigating the application process before the program closes. Our expertise can help ensure your application is submitted promptly. Don’t miss this chance to save thousands on your home heating & cooling.

Impact of Closure on Ontario Residents

The closure of the Greener Homes Grant in Ontario has already taken effect, notably impacted by Enbridge’s decision to halt its intake process. This move reflects the overwhelming demand and the program’s finite resources, leading to an early closure in the region. For those in Ontario and elsewhere, the shift underscores the urgency and high interest in sustainable home improvements, prompting a reevaluation of how such programs can be structured to better serve Canadians moving forward.

Environmental and Financial Benefits of the Greener Homes Grant

The Greener Homes Grant has been instrumental in reducing Canada’s carbon footprint, with the transition to efficient heat pumps potentially cutting CO2 emissions significantly—up to 6,539 kg per household annually for those switching from furnace oil. Similarly, those moving away from propane and natural gas can expect reductions of approximately 2,804 kg and 2,150 kg, respectively. Even homes currently heated by electricity can achieve notable CO2 savings. These changes are not only environmentally impactful but also offer substantial financial savings, making green technology more accessible and supporting Canada’s climate action strategy.

The Greener Homes Grant not only champions environmental sustainability but also translates into direct monetary gains for homeowners. Transitioning from furnace oil, propane, natural gas, or electric heaters to heat pumps can lead to significant annual savings—potentially thousands of dollars per household, enhancing the affordability of clean energy technologies. These savings are a compelling aspect of the initiative, promoting both sustainable practices and economic benefits.

Secure Your Savings Before It’s Too Late

Don’t miss out on the opportunity for substantial savings—reach out to us today at +1-800-458-1289 or sa***@1c********.com to expedite your application and secure the financial benefits of the Greener Homes Grant before it closes.

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