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New Ontario Home Energy Rebate Plus Program (HER+)

New Ontario Home Energy Rebate Plus Program (HER+)

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Later Edit: As of February 12th, 2024, the Canada’s Greener Homes Grant has officially ended and will no longer be accepting new applications. Homeowners who have successfully concluded their online registration and possess an application number are urged to expeditiously move ahead with their retrofit initiatives, as they will remain eligible for funding and ongoing support through the Canada Greener Homes portal. For all your home electrification needs, contact us at +1 800-458-1289 or sa***@1c********.com for personalized assistance.

Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) and Enbridge Gas have partnered up to create a new rebate program for Ontarians called the Home Energy Rebate Plus Program (HER+) which allows residents to receive rebates of up to $6,500 towards eligible heat pumps. 1Click Heating & Cooling are an approved provider within Ontario to help Ontario Residents through the audit and installation process. Our team will be with you every step of the way to ensure you get approved and have your new system up and running!

The rebates will be going towards eligible retrofits such as home insulation, windows, doors and other energy efficient appliances. Approved clients can also get a rebate of up to $600 which can offset their EnerGuide home assessment through the Canada Greener Homes Grant program.

Through the HER+ program, residents can receive the following: 

  • Customers who use propane, oil, wood, or electric sources for their appliances instead of gas can receive up to $5,600 towards an eligible heat pump system.
  • Customers who do use gas can receive up to $10,000 in rebates while purchasing an appliance from the approved mechanical systems list. $6,500 of this can be used towards an eligible heat pump, such as the KeepRite ProComfort Multi-Zone or the KeepRite Central Ducted Heat Pump!
  • Landlords who use gas heating for their properties are also eligible for up to $10,000 with enhanced incentives along with any appliance from the approved Canada Greener Homes Grant approved mechanical systems list. Again, $6,500 of this can be used towards an eligible heat pump!


It is important to note that the HER+ program has changed the following from the previous program: 

  • The grant now only requires one energy efficiency upgrade instead of two from Enbridges’ previous program.
    • Switching to a ductless or central heat pump qualifies as the one upgrade needed!
  • Homeowners will no longer require to register through the Canada Greener Homes Grant
  • Furnaces are no longer a part of this program, unless it is needed to install a heat pump for your property


Some of the eligible products that you can get installed today include:

KeepRite ProComfort Multi-Zone 27K Ductless Heat Pump


KeepRite ProComfort Multi-Zone 27K Ductless Heat Pump

  • Space Saving Installation – Up to five indoor units can be connected to a single outdoor unit, reducing the number of outdoor units required. All indoor  units can be individually controlled and do not need to be installed at the same time.
  • Multiple Indoor Unit Styles – Flexibility on the options of indoor unit styles to fit any application or need.

Keeprite Ducted Heat Pump with Air Handler


Keeprite Ducted Heat Pump with Air Handler

  • Extra Low Temperature Heating – Heat output up to 69% of rated capacity at -22° F (-30° C). So, when it’s cold outside, it will be warm inside, making this a primary heat source and eliminating the need for a backup.
  • Rapid Cooling & Heating – After startup, the compressor quickly gets up to maximum speed, cooling or heating the room in minutes.


Call us today at 1-800-458-1289 to learn more about the HER+ program and to start your energy savings today!

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